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Having been a photographer for many years, I have always loved editing my images and watching them come to life on my screen! It's an exhilarating feeling to have a blank canvas and be as creative as I wish to be! 

Now, I want to offer that service to others! Through my own work, I have developed my own special technique and blend of styles to incorporate and make images even more beautiful that their original files! From basic to more complex tasks, I am all ears!

Dreamy edits like this are one of my favourites! Of course, it all depends on the image itself, but I love adding this blend to those who wish they were in a fairytale! 

Portraits are always fun to work with, and many people always want their "blemishes" taken away! With my skin smoothing techniques, there's no need to worry! Just remember that blemishes make us who we are as well! :) 

Nature and Travel photos are my specialty, and they are always big sellers! Of course, shooting them is only half the fun! I love recreating a mood or feeling of "being there" when I edit these images, as it's hard to capture within the camera sometimes! 

* Prices vary from 4-7$ per image based on work involved.

*All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

* Minimum charge of  50$ per invoice.

Prices can be adjusted for orders over 100 images, so do get in touch if that's the case. I'm also available for freelance work for companies and photographers for long term and ongoing contracts.

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I'd love to hear your ideas and desires for your images! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to work together soon!


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